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Denison Farms

For 40 years, Tom Denison has been growing produce and selling direct to Oregon consumers. Our 40-acre farm is located just north of Corvallis, overlooking the Jackson- Frazier Wetland. We aim to grow top-quality food for our local community. We grow well over a hundred different varieties of organic fruits and vegetables. This allows us to have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables in our Harvest Box and at our farmers' markets even if the weather or other conditions cause one or two crops to produce poorly. We market through several different outlets: direct to the local cooperative grocery store, through 6 farmers' markets each week in the summer, our 25-week Harvest Box (CSA) memberships, and we sell a few crops through a local produce wholesale business (Organically Grown Company). We particularly enjoy meeting our farmers' market customers and our Harvest Box members. As we share our produce with you, we get to know you. We trade recipes, we meet your families, we build relationships. It feels good! In this fragmented world, it is healthy to build relationships, particularly around something as wholesome as real food.

We can't do all the work on the farm alone! In the busy time of midsummer, we have 22 full time employees helping with all aspects of growing, harvesting, and marketing our produce.